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    The practice of Bosnian healing


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    The practice of Bosnian healing

    Komentar by Arman on Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:49 pm

    Diagnostical techniques

    To diagnose diseases Bosnian healers (hećimi, hodže, derviši, stravarke) make use of various techniques.

    The first rather obvious technique is an extensive conversation with the client and the people connectd with him socially. One of the healers interviewed said that it is essential to have an insight into the character of a client, because it supplies him with a lot of information about the causes of the client's illness.

    The second technique is the use of texts and recitations from the Qoran, the hadith or some particular instruction manuals. A Bosnian healer said thar, after having spoken with a client about his afflictions, he starts to read from the Quran. As soon as the client starts yawning, laughing or crying there is an indication that a supernatural power is at stake. This healer said: „If the client starts crying I know that it is a matter of the Evil Eye (urok). But when he is convulsed with laughter he is possessed by an evil spirit or nagrajisao, ograjisao“. Other healers make use of certain instruction manuals. A Bosnian healer said that when someone consults him about headaches he asks for the names of the client and of certain of his relatives. Subsequently, he is able to look up the causes of the headaches in his manual. Sometimes the client must put his finger on such a book. The healer can then draw certain conclusions from that.

    The third diagnostical technique is the so-called „cupping“ or hidžama. This technique is practised by a Bosnian healer. It consists of inflicting light bleedings. If, for example, someone feels a pain extending from his shoulders to his head, the healer heats a drinking-glass by burning some paper. Subsequently, he makes two little scratches on the shoulder of the client with a razor-blade and puts the glass over them. In the opinion of the healer it may be possible for black blood to flow from the injuries. In that case the pain will disappear immediately.

    The fourth technique is a ritual with lead or salivanje strahe. A Bosnian healer (stravar or stravarka) uses this technique frequently. He writes a text on a piece of lead and gives that to the client. At home the client (bolesnik) has to melt the lead in a pan. After that he must wrap himself into a sheet and put a bucket of water between his legs. He then must throw the lead into the water so that it will harden. After the ritual the client must wash himself with the water. He must take the lead with him when he goes back to the healer. In the coagulated lead the healer will see indications of what power has caused the affliction and what part of the body has been affected.

    The fifth technique is the conjuring up of spirits or sazivanje daire. To one of the Bosnian healers (derviši) this is the most important of the diagnostical techniques, as well as a therapeutical technique. He hypnotizes his clients and by means of them he conjures up spirits (džine). It some cases these spirits are djinns and in other cases they are the spirits of living persons. In the course of a hypnotizing-session the healer takes the spirit of the client or the medium to certain locations and situations and allows him or her to communicate with other spirits.  That way he discovers all the facts regarding certain problems or the causes of a particular illness. Then he punishes the guilty djinn or the spirit of, for example, a magician (sihirbaz) who has practised black magic.

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