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    Influence of magic on humans


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    Influence of magic on humans

    Post by Admin on Sun Jul 05, 2015 12:27 am

    Most frequent magical prop in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a hen's egg, which has the ability of absorbing negative energy, similarly it claims that there is no such thing that couldn't be used to make spells. Magic is often done on clothes or a photograph of a person, on hair, nails, sperm, etc. All the things that belonged to a person can be used to prepare magic. Spells served in drinks or food are considered to be the most dangerous since it is believed that they have the ability to multiply and spread in the human organism which can cause a man to lose weight and fall ill.

    Magic enters a human being through all bodily cavities, through the forehead i.e. "star", middle of the forehead, feet, and in case of black magic directed to cause a disease and death the magical attack is concentrated on the heart or head of the victim. Sudden shivering which passes through your body or unrest are often symptoms of a magical attack. In such a case you must quickly move from place in which you are seated or standing in any direction at least half a meter. Once you do that the mysterious sensation will disappear.

    Each magical prop which is found inside the house, car or clothes must be brought as far as one can from the place where one lives and must be thrown into the fire, and if they are inflammable into a creek or river. The spell mustn't be burned inside the home since it will create the opposite effect i.e. the magic will still be inside the home. Against voodoo magic or generally magic which is created with the help of dolls, which represent the victim, it is quite effective to have an upturned piece of clothes on you, such as underpants or socks, since with that act you prevent the negative energy from penetrating. But, you must be aware that without strong protection, such as an amulet, you don't have a lot of chance against a magi which made black magic his profession.

    The effect of black magic on a human is often manifested with some, or all of the mentioned symptoms such as frequent headaches, suffocation, especially during sunset or night, sudden mood swings, nightmares, depression, sudden changes of life habits, inexplicable diseases, constant failures... Another symbol is pretty assuming - if the man is constantly sick and the medical examination shows that he is fine and that there is no physical ailments.

    The most successful and least time consuming way of cleansing oneself from magical effects if six months haven't passed since the moment one has become a victim of negative effects. If that period has passed, its state is characterised as serious and in order to eliminate the magic the treatment will need to be repeated a couple of times.

    Broj komentara : 934
    Join date : 2015-06-30

    Re: Influence of magic on humans

    Post by Admin on Sun Jul 05, 2015 12:31 am

    Powerful black magic is created with cloth with which a vagina has been wiped after a sexual relation and which has traces of sperm. The mage can perform this sexual union only with a woman he is not married to or in a relationship with. After that this piece of cloth can be used in various ways: for creating love spells, strengthening potency, separation from lovers, etc. The cloth is especially suitable for summoning Jinn-servants. According to the opinion of Iranian and Arabic wizards this piece of cloth contains great power, which comes from the connection of sperm and vaginal secretion, since both fluids contain important magical content. Similarly this cloth can be used as incense for summoning evil Jinn's.
    In Bosnian magic a woman which wishes to tie down her husband's sexual power, she uses a cloth to wipe sperm from her body and then goes to the graveyard with the cloth. There she seeks for a grave in which a dead man is buried with the same name as her husband and ties the cloth around the gravestone into a knot uttering: "As this cadaver is helpless and cold so should you be helpless and cold for all other women besides me, with my desire and god's command, amin veledalin!" Then she goes home without looking back.

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