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    New Moon and Candle Rite for Increase in Silver Money


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    New Moon and Candle Rite for Increase in Silver Money

    Komentar by Admin on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:22 pm

    „Be thou clean in mind and body“. Do the Lady Sheba Self-Blessing Ritual. Anoint a tall white taper (candle) with your personal holy oil, and dedicate it to the Moon Goddess. On the first night of the New Moon at the exact hour of midnight, light the tall white taper and carry it in your left hand. Carry some silver coins in your right hand and go forth into the night. (Your yard will do fine.) You must be able to see the New Moon and if possible stand in the rays of the moonlight. As you lift your face to gaze upon the Moon, say:

    Greetings my Lady Moon,
    Gracious Goddess.
    Before all of Heaven
    And all of Earth,
    I bow before Thee.

    And this point bow.

    Bless Thou me.
    O Giver of Life
    And Queen of Heaven,
    See how I turn the Silver
    Over and over in my hand

    (Hold outstretched palm with Silver turned up toward the Moon.)

    Keep now
    Thine Ancient Promise,
    Unto all Thy children
    Who keep the turning of the Silver
    For a mighty increase.

    (Turn the Silver over.)

    Lady Moon,
    Queen of Heaven,
    Granter of Abundance,
    Gracious Goddess.
    Binah of the Sea,
    Bless Thou me.

    Carry your taper back inside and extinguish the flame. Do this same ritual each night as the New Moon waxes stronger, until the midnight hour of the first night of the Full Moon. On this night allow your candle to burn completely out. The Moon will be at its zenith of power and the height of its glory at midnight on the first night of the Full Moon.

    Comment: This is a very ancient ritual and I dearly love it; it is so pure and beautiful. Always chart the midnight hour by dividing the hour of sunset and sunrise. This will give you the exact hour of midnight.

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