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    Arabian world of Jinn and magic - how to successfully cast spells



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    Arabian world of Jinn and magic - how to successfully cast spells

    Komentar by Belveder on Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:31 pm

    Arabian magic is, alongside voodoo, the most powerful magic in the world since it rests on a direct correlation with the spirit world (Jinn), which one can reach through various magical symbols (talismans) and rituals and one establishes a connection and trade in such a way. Namely, as I often stress in all of my texts, without trade with the spirit world no spell will have effect since simply stated – it doesn’t have the strength or “motor” to act. As in our material world where things are bought with money, the spiritual world exists in the same way. You must be aware of the fact that no one owes you a service for free. Even in religion you have various sacrifices to Gods and saints, beginning with fasting, lighting candles, repeating prayers, giving vows, offering kurban (animal sacrifice, usually a lamb), and that’s why you shouldn’t be surprised that the spiritual world expects the same. This is in fact an answer to all those questions which are often directed at me by disappointed visitors of the forum, which thought that by following simple magical instructions from a book that they will successfully perform a certain spell. Magic has never functioned in such a manner and to all those which take it for granted I give them the advice to give up and dedicate their time to something else in which they could be more successful.

    To at least have some insight into the world of magic and spell making I will shortly describe the way in which spells are cast. Of course, according to the old rule, all spell casting is preceded by invocation of spirits or Jinn at a certain time frame, depending on the purpose. Magi before starting the ritual of invoking one or more Jinn, with the goal of creating a spell, places bread or the Qur’an next to him, in order to forestall evil spirits so that they will not ask another favour from him, such as incest or homosexual acts; instead the spirits will be content with him performing blasphemy by sitting naked on bread or the holly book. Such, or similar, immoral demands are mostly used by the strongest Jinn called Afarit, ethereal beings or metamorphosis which are always hostile towards people and they often ask the magi to perform morally degrading and difficult to perform services.

    Every magi which plans to have meeting or contacts with such or similar Jinn must be in the state of everyday physical impurity, so that in such a state he can be adjusted to the spiritual frequency of the Jinn he is invoking. Since these Jinn are extremely powerful, they are also full of arrogance and lust and they will often ask the magi to perform sexual acts with them, all with the goal of completely distancing him from all possibility but also desire to perform his religious duties. Jinn are divided into male and female, hermaphrodites, and even sexless beings, but they are capable of appearing to the magi in the form of a human which excites him the most. For example, in front of man the Jinn will appear as the most beautiful naked woman, or the female Jinn will rush to have sex with the magi with the hope that such a bestial and supernatural relationship might give birth to a mix of a half-Jinn and half-human being, which will fulfil their eternal desire of gaining a human, material body with which they can rule the world.

    In return for fulfilling their kinky demands, Jinn will show extreme obedience and with great speed and strength they will help the magi in fulfilling numerous earthly desires, such as seduction and sexual usage of certain persons, creating obsessive love feelings, causing evil, causing accidents and deaths, destruction of someone’s company, family, achieving material wealth or even political power, but not in religious aspirations or desires tied to the afterlife.

    A spell is made in such a manner that a magi through oaths and commands, in a ritual which he is performing, directs one or more Jinn towards a person, clearly stating what needs to happen to him. Instantly the Jinn head towards that person, which can happen in literally seconds, and enters the human body through one of its crevices, travelling through the bloodstream towards the brain, where he will stay put and begin the transformation of the man’s behaviour. That’s why all spellbound people change their behaviour and nature “overnight” – they become completely different people. But, since the Jinn is a foreign body inside the human, he doesn’t know how to behave in harmony with the host and he never completely adapts and so one can notice the presence of the Jinn through frequent headaches, sudden pains in certain body parts, a feeling of suffocation in the chest, especially during dusk, etc.


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    Re: Arabian world of Jinn and magic - how to successfully cast spells

    Komentar by Belveder on Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:32 pm

    Karin – our demonic doppelganger

    Since humans are according to magical analogy made out of four elements (air, earth, fire, water) he is susceptible to the same number of negative effects, which are divides in Iranian-Arabic occultism in the following manner:

    - spell or sihir
    - spellbound eye(s) or Urok
    - Karin (astral doppelganger or astral body)
    - possession

    Though this division was made in order to simplify the understanding of black magic, according to my opinion, all of them frequently make only one component of it. Spell, as I have explained, cannot function without possession, while possession can occur besides spell casting, for example, when one steps on a spell. Urok and Karin are two supernatural manifestations which can also go one next to the other but also separately. But, no matter, all four ways of functioning of evil onto the human body are serious and dangerous. Similarly, it can happen that a spellbound person can be hit by all four enumerated causes and then his state is extremely difficult and complicated when it comes to curing or freeing.

    Yet, we should note that divination with the help of taming a Karin is the most used form of divination since with this approach one exerts direct influence on a person, without mediators i.e. without invocation of other Jinn. Since the time of the ancient Egypt where there was a belief of a spiritual follower of humans called Ka, the doctrine of a spiritual copy of each man which acts on an astral level, exists. All those stories and legends about night travels of our soul across the world, seeing different events while one is sleeping is a direct “merit” of our Karin. Among the folk there is an erroneous belief that at night the soul exists the human body and wonders across the world, which is theoretically impossible, since if a soul would exit the body, the person would die, since the soul can only exit when the person dies. Karin is the one that shows us everything we see in our dreams, but also that silent voice which explicitly tells us to do something we otherwise wouldn’t.

    According to the opinion of occultists, Karin is a dualistic being, its character hinges on the character of the person he is representing, though in most cases Karin is actually a Jinn, demonic, being who is often seen as the main culprit for suicide. Every time a person raises his hand against himself and takes his life, that act is the result of negative effect of the Karin which purposefully lead the man to doom.
    With the help of certain methods of converting the name of a person and his mother, the magi can reveal the name of anyone’s Karin and affect the behaviour and will of that man through the Karin. That’s why Karin is an unavoidable segment of all spells, especially love ones. In order to achieve contact with a Karin, the magi after finding out his name, lights incense and repeats usually 21 times the invocation and writes a talisman with which he will completely subjugate him to his will.
    Divination with a dead body i.e. his things such as soap, comb, nails, hair or water actually has a direct connection to the Karin, since with the help of such props and magical formulas he can direct the spell towards a person, through which he will act on a person and force him to do what the magi wants.

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