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    Four books of power


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    Four books of power

    Komentar by Admin on Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:13 am

    According to legend in the time of king Solomon, there was a large number of magical books whose content revealed ways in which humans can be harmed by various spells. Four books were also written which were called Velika Sulejmanija which represented four elements of nature and served for destruction of magic and every evil. By Solomon's order they were walled in, inside the four pillars of the temple in order to be preserved from destruction. When the king died the ruler of all demon's Iblis ordered the Jinn to gather all the magical books from the temple and divide them among humans around the world. But, Iblis didn't manage to find out where these four books were. A humble sage by the name Laden managed to find them centuries later who hid the books for a long time and finally before he died he hid them somewhere in Jerusalem. God's will was that they should be discovered by a man who was remembered by his great wisdom. Sine Jesus was murdered and crucified and the entire world was in chaos, Allah decided to send another messenger to humanity to lead the people out of the darkness. -He will be from the Arab nations, the prophecy sounded which was heard by all. While Muhammad was still a boy he asked his uncle Ebu Talib to travel in his caravan. During that time a Christian priest met them and he immediately recognised a holly child since there was a cloud the entire time above him, protecting him from the sun. Realising that it is the announced prophet, the priest whispered to Ebu Talib to get the boy home and take good care of him. Because of his wisdom the priest found out about the four books, he located them and translated them into ancient Arabic. In order to save them from probable destruction he sent them in four holly lands in order for them to protect the world from destruction. At the end of each book it was written:

    1. fire - Palestine, letter Gayn (which means that the first book is located in Gaza),

    2. earth - Russia, letter Be - Siberia (which means that the second book is located in Siberia),

    3. water - India, letter Shin - Kashmir.

    4. air - three letters Waw, Bosna, the fourth book is located in Bosnia between Stoca and Travnik

    All four books cannot change continents nor states, only cities and places. In the same way, the books can change owners but only after their death.

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