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    Divination using an eyelash


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    Divination using an eyelash

    Komentar by Admin on Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:29 pm

    [In Bosnia there is an interesting divination among the Bosnian with the help of an eyelash. When someone notices that someone has lost an eyelash, he picks it up using his thumb and index finger and says to that person: "make a wish!" Then both of them make a wish, each their own, and then both of them blow three times into the connected fingers which are holding the eyelash. Then they choose fingers, i.e. one says that his is the index finger and the other the thumb. The person that held the eyelash separates the fingers and looks on which finger did the eyelash stay glued. Finger which has the eyelash forecasts that the wish will come true to the person who chose that specific finger. To make sure that it will be so, the eyelash is placed on the chest, underneath the clothes, and is brought with them in order not to lose it.

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