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    Ukrainian Gypsy Fortune Telling


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    Ukrainian Gypsy Fortune Telling

    Komentar by Anzotika on Sun Jul 12, 2015 7:38 pm

    Letters and Numbers – A Gypsy's Luck

    Both numbers and letters play a strong part in the Gypsy's life. Like our Western superstition of the number 13, certain numbers and letters are similarly prominent in their culture.
    For mentalists and bizarre magicians, using the Gypsies as a backstory, much can be made of these, especially in combination with a Ouija Deck.

    Lucky 7s
    The number seven is considered incredibly lucky in Gypsy culture. House numbers, car registrations and birthdates or anniversaries involving 7 or multiples are especially desired. Not surprisingly, July is an incredibly busy month for weddings!

    E & H (or rather E & N)
    The letter H in the Cyrillic Ukrainian alphabet, for reasons unknown, is considered extremely unlucky. Stories are rife in Ukrainian history of villages that felt the Gypsy travellers unwelcome would daub their buildings and signage with the letter H in large red painted letters, reminiscent of a scene from a Hammer Horror movie, with terrified villagers hiding behind this superstition for protection. Not surprisingly, the Gypsies being as superstitious as they were, avoided these villages without question.
    Owners of the Ouija Deck will notice the letter N missing from the Ouija Design on the back of the cards. N is the romanised equivalent of the Cyrillic letter H.
    E, being the seventh letter of the Cyrillic Ukrainian alphabet is considered lucky, many Gypsy names will begin with E.

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