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    Otvaranje zvijezde


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    Otvaranje zvijezde

    Komentar by Admin on Tue Jun 30, 2015 11:44 am


    It is a tradition in Bosnia to seek a solution to certain life problems such as illnesses or love issues, from a famous Imam who is known for treating many such problems. The Imam is often visited when a person is often ill, but the medical examination shows no problems, or when a husband or wife, want to save their marriage.

    To help such a person the Imam practices a divination method known as "otvaranje zvijezde (opening the stars)" whose analysis often results in a talisman construction (zapis) or an hamajlije construction (amulet). If the diseased is under the influence of black magic the Imam constructs a few talismans which are then submerged in water, so they can be used for consumption or bathing, or burning so that the diseased can fumigate himself, or that it can be buried near a place with running water, burning fire, etc. In the end, when the patient is healed and the negative manifestations of the problem disappear, the Imam constructs an amulet which should protect him from all evil in the future.
    When it comes to love issues the humane desire for help is often mixed with greed. Namely, in Bosnia it is believed that all magic is a sin except love magic which are used to save a marriage and save a family from disintegrating. However, often the Imam's which posses certain psychological and spiritual powers break that rule and connect partners that are not bound by fate, or their marriage is not preordained by God. To find out if the partners are suitable for marriage the Imam uses the "otvaranje zvijezda" method, and if he sees that the partners don't have common stars, that they are not harmonious or suitable to each other then he must inform them of this. In most cases, the Imam emphasizes that even if the talismans were used the relationship wouldn't last long because it is not preordained by God. But if the interested person persists the Imam constructs love talismans whose effects are short lived and they can't have a serious effect.
    To gain insight into someone's fate the Imam needs only two things - the name of that person and its mother's name. Once the Imam writes those names on paper, he converts certain letters which have a numerical value into numbers, then he sums them up and divides that number with the number 12. The number that he gets reveals the star (astrological sign) under which the person is born. In a special book, which is called Yildizname in Turkey, the Imam reads the chapter dedicated to that sign. If for example the Imam received the number 2 by the mathematical operation, then the interpretation for a man would be as follows:
    -A man born under the influence of this planet values education and educated people, he is wise and dedicated to his work. His home is prosperous and good natured people come to his home. Materially this person is well situated. He has brothers with which he shares his understanding and help. This person is a father and a mother; he is of a caring nature. He will have both male and female children. He will be married twice. His wife is noble, she has a good heart. Of health problems he will suffer the disease of the legs, especially the knees, but that will only last for a period of his life. In a later stage of his life heart problems will threaten him and they could be the cause of his death.
    Business wise all will be well, even though this person earns a lot of money he also spends it very quickly. He has many enemies but he is stronger than all of them. Wednesday and the month Zilhad are lucky for him. When he sees a new moon he should look at the money in his wallet and pray to God. He is advised to wear green coloured clothes as often as he can. When he travels to highly positioned people he should wear such clothes in order to have his demands and pleas met.
    On the right side of his body this person has a sign of sihira (magic), and he feels pain at that place. He has a birth mark near one eye, and on his leg a scar from a dog bite or a burn.
    Throughout his life 7th, 14th and 43rd years of his life are critical. If he survives those years he will then live to be 80 years old seven months and seven days. And about the rest Allah knows best.

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